Wk 3- Snapchat


When I heard about this I thought it was going to be more simple because I use snapchat every day but when I actually started getting to it I noticed that I had a more difficult time than I had planned. I didn’t really know what to put as captions or even what to draw on it. The first two pictures were mine which I took in Joshua Vasquez gallery. The first picture I just made him sign it because I thought it would be cool to see his signature. The second picture was an event that actually happened. I asked him to take a picture, joking around he said no and then he took a picture with me. The next two pictures were classmates of mine. The first was Enrique Vega’s picture and he drew on it horns and a tail like a devil, hash tagging it “born sinner” which I thought was cool and creative. The second picture was Rosa Velazquez’s picture with a caption translating to “a rose for all my ex lovers” which I thought was really funny. I really enjoyed using snapchat to create art.


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