Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Andrea L. Williams







Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
Exhibition: Sacrafice
Media: Ceramics, Clay, Slab
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: mrsdubbagoo.com
Instagram: Andreawilliammms

About the Artist

Andrea Williams is currently an undergrad attending Cal State Long Beach. She is from Riverside and to this day still lives there. Ever since she was small art and music have been a big part of her life. During her teen years she was in a band and would play the drums. She states that she misses the shows but does not miss the business. Now stuff has changed a lot she enjoys being a mother and has a lot of pets. One of her favorite animal that she has in her house is chickens. Her husband was the one who encouraged her to do ceramics and she really enjoys making art. Her work shows the sacrifice of what it is to be a mother. Not just the sacrifice of the body but of time.

Formal Analysis

Well Andrea works with ceramics and cement. She first puts the cement down which she doesn’t smooth out and she even has hand made textures that she adds to it. She makes sure to be very careful though because she doesn’t like to leave any finger prints. She then paints over it and most of her colors are reds and neutral colors. Overall her pieces are very big and they have a lot of texture.

Content Analysis

Her art pieces focus on the sacrifice of time and body that come with being a mother. She not only shows the physical aspect of it but also the mental aspect. She has body parts in her art work of the change of being a mother and she also has the change of her mentality. She wants to make people notice the sacrifice that each mother has to go through once they bear a child. Her art work also is related to religion.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I enjoyed her work yet there were some things that I did not really enjoy as much. I enjoyed how her work looked old and how much texture each piece had. I also saw how she replaced Jesus Christ with a women and I get her point as to why she did that, how she tried to show the sacrifice that a women makes when they become a mother yet I felt that it was disrespecting Jesus Christ. There were many great pieces that were really great and full of details which made overall her art gallery very interesting.


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