Queen Phutaaa


So I am Queen Phutaaa. I live here in moonbase alpha and I am a farmer, but I’m not any regular farmer. I actually grow a plant that makes people relax and feel amazing. See they call me Queen Phutaaa because I’m actually the only one who grows this plant, other than our headquarters here in moon base. The difference between their plant and mine is the price and the amount of plant that they will sell you. See the headquarters will only  sell a small amount enough for this plant to cure your sickness and they sell it for a lot of currency. I actually sell it at a reasonable price. If you abuse of this plant just a bit more than what the headquarters gives you it will make you feel like you’re higher than we are here in moonbase alpha and let me just tell you here at moon base alpha we are pretty high. I don’t have competition because no one knows the secret to grow this plant except me but a lot of sneaky people have tried to force the secret out of me yet I always end up escaping. Because of so many of these incidents I got myself body guards but I really only got them to intimidate people because I think that I could pretty much take anyone. To be completely honest I just don’t really want to waste my time having to escape so this just made it easier. I am a bad bitch and everyone here in moonbase knows it. This plant makes me powerful and I love a good dictatorship which this place will soon become. Soon enough I will have control over everyone and everything and people will learn to respect me or they will know how bad of a bitch I can really be.

Check out my very good friends that have their own lives here in Moonbase Alpha.




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