Wk 9- Artist Conversation- William Brigham


Exhibition Information

Artist: William Brigham

Exhibition: Altered Carbon

Media: Metal and Jewelry

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: theartificery.com

Instagram: @the_artificery

About the Artist

William is in his last semester here at CSULB. He actually transferred here three years ago from OCC. He is from Huntington Beach and is in the BFA program here at CSULB. In his free time he enjoys spearfishing which also includes working with metals because he creates his own spears. He actually really enjoys working with metals and he even has his own studio off campus to create his art. His inspiration is to make cool stuff and he really enjoys how his body is marked up from him creating his art.

Formal Analysis

The material that most of his art was created out of was copper and brass and his knives actually had wood too to make the handle. The colors in his art for the metal were black, maroon, gold, and brown. Most of his art pieces are just very dark colors and but most of his pieces are very shiny and catch the light very well. I think the rose he has in his art gallery is the most diverse because it wasn’t as geometrical as the other pieces and yet I thought it was the most beautiful. Overall his pieces are very smooth yet they have a great amount of detail.

Content Analysis

Overall what I really did notice about him was the amount of pride he has for his art work and even the scars on his hands and arms that his art left him. The idea for his knives were that you could have an art piece that would actually be useful. Usually art is so that people will look at it and he believes art can also be useful and have another purpose which is why he came out with the knives. These knives honestly seemed very sharp and i’m sure they would work very good if someone would actually try to use one.

Synthesis/ My Experience

I honestly really enjoyed this art gallery because it was really interesting how William manipulated the metals so perfectly to create what he wanted. When he was explaining how he starts with a flat piece of metal and then creates the pieces to his liking i was amazed because all of his art had so much detail that it seems almost impossible for the art pieces to come out as beautiful as they did. I really enjoyed getting to see all his art pieces in this gallery.


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