Wk 11- Turning Pages






This weeks are experience we had a chance to meet this wonderful artist Marta Troya. She came up with this art experience that we had to do something in a location that it was meant for. We started at the library reading oversized children’s books and we instantly got attention from the people around us. They kept staring at us, which I don’t understand why they were because we were simply reading at the library. We then went to the bookstore and did the things that were there. For example we looked at the stuff they were selling and at the guitar place we actually used the guitar and we didn’t get any weird looks there. I think that the best way to capture an ephemeral experience is through the camera. Even though you technically capture emotion you can capture the the body potion and facial expression and we’ll know or think how the person was feeling at the time. I thought this weeks art experience was really great and I really enjoyed doing this.


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