Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Exhibition Information

Artist- Jennifer Chen

Exhibition- SUCCESSION

Media: Print Making, screen print, Gloss, photos, google images

Gallery: Gatov Gallery West

Website:  None

Instagram:  None

About the Artist

Jennifer has a bachelor in Biology and she is planning to get a master in print making. She says that she has around 20 years of experience in print making but that was not what she was doing all her life. She was actually working in health corporations before coming to school. Because she has so much experience in print making she will actually be teaching an art class next year. She really loves and is very interested in landscaping but her main focus would be on an area that has been damaged by fire or a natural disaster.

Formal Analysis

Google maps was a big part of Jennifer’s art work. She would get the pictures there and then add her own twist to it making her art. She puts her own perspective on the image so that others will see her point of view. Most of her images have the same colors. They have jagged green trees and browns. She also added some pink which is very odd but she stated that she did this purposely so that people could see this. It was a message from the artist to the person looking at the art. Some of her pictures are more zoomed in than others which make it look like more blocks. The ones that more zoomed out you can actually see more of the area and the picture seems more clear as well.

Content Analysis

Her interest are art and science so that would be what her art has a mixture of. In some images you could see the quality of the trees and in some you really cant because of how zoomed in and zoomed out the image on google maps would be. Her art explores nature and how much an area is affected by a natural disaster. Her images are not the same though. She looks at different landscapes and different place, some historical or some just well known. She puts a lot of effort in her work. She describes it that she puts her heart into her work. She loves to do her art and she really tries to put her point of view in her work so that the people seeing her art can see her point of view.

My Experience

Overall I really enjoyed her art work. I thought it was really cool to see the natural disaster on the pictures. Seeing the indent on the picture made me want to touch it but of course I didn’t but it seemed very soft on the picture. I really enjoyed what she did on the landscapes and adding her own twist to the picture. I also really enjoyed seeing the landscapes. I am a big fan of landscapes and really enjoy their beauty and I really enjoyed seeing her point of view through her art of these landscapes.




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