Wk. 13- Art Experience- Care Package

I thought that this weeks art experience was actually really interesting. Sending a snap chat to this is actually a bit different. I find that sending a person a care package is more personal because it takes more of your time to prepare and it’s more effort. As for a snap chat it’s simple and easy. I also believe that because this doesn’t dissappear in 10 seconds or less and the person can actually keep the stuff you send that it won’t lose it’s value. It will be an object that could remind you of something. The items we choose to send to a person that we probably don’t know making it ephemera. I believe that there is value in them because like I said they are going to cause an emotion when you look at it. They would have some type of meaning or value to them. I think it’s cool at the fact that the package will take some time to get there. Everything now a days is quick and easy, sending a text, connecting to the Internet, having food delivered. I consider receiving something in mail from someone more personal. I sent one of my drawings that I did when I was half asleep in a class. It looked better to me when I was half asleep then when I actually woke up and saw it. I also sent a bunch of recites of stuff I bought because I am a shopaholic and love buying stuff. And I also sent her my Knotts pass from last year because Knotts is my favorite amusement park.


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