Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Enrique Vega


This week I was glad to meet Enrique Vega. Even though I had class with him during the summer I never really talked to him. He grew up in Whittier but now lives in Bellflower. It’s his first year here in CSULB. He was pursuing a criminal justice major but he is thinking of changing it to business management. This would help because he is opening a business in 2017 with his best friend. His business would be a soccer hub where you would be able to watch soccer games, play fifa, play bubble soccer. So everything is going to be about soccer and it would be a place where people would hang out with their friends. His favorite sport is soccer but he also really enjoys skating with his friends. His favorite areas to skate are Downtown LA, Hollywood Blvd, and Huntington Beach. I was glad I got to meet him this semester, he’s pretty chill and he seems like he’s very motivated to prosper in life. He said “you gotta dream bigger” and that’s so true.


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