Art Experience Feedback

3 favorite

My 3 favorite would have to be the sketching one we did this week so week 14. I had a lot of fun doing this and it was really relaxing. Another would be graffiti writing because that one was just so cool. I loved the fact that we could spray paint and experience that ourselves. The third one would be Instagram because it made me want to be more adventurous and do more things.

3 least favorite

My 3 least favorite would have to be the group video activity because it just took way to long to complete and it didn’t come out as good as it was in my head. Another one would be moon base alpha because i didn’t really understand how to do it and my friend has to keep explaining it to me. Lastly it would have to the the Turning pages because i just didn’t have as much fun as i wanted to.


I overall really loved this class. It encouraged me to talk to more people to speak out on stuff that i thought about each artist and overall it was really fun. It made me do things that i wouldn’t have done. I got to experience a lot of cool things in this class and overall I would recommend it to all my friends because its a great class to take. Its fun and at the same time we learn things. We get the best of both worlds.


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